Feb 22, 2011

Nervous moments for Buju as jury asks for more


Jurors ask for clarification on aiding and abetting law

FLORIDA, USA — There were nervous moments for Buju Banton and his supporters a short while ago at the United States Sam Gibbons Federal Court in Tampa when jurors returned from lunch asking for clarification on the aiding and abetting law.
The jurors wanted to know if the aiding applies to the gun charge but after submissions from the defence attorneys and the prosecution the judge James Moody ruled that it does not.
Moody said the aiding and abetting only applies to the wire count against the artiste.
After the ruling attorney David Oscar Markus, representing Banton — real name Mark Myrie — turned to supporters with thumbs up repeating, "Still alive, still alive."
Supporters could be observed clutching each others hands. Deep breathing reverberated and some whispered silent prayers.
Former co-defendant James Mack had been held with the gun for which Banton is charged. Mack has already pleaded guilty and told authorities he never knew Banton before he was arrested.

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