Oct 31, 2010

Bob Marley's Son puts House up to Free Buju Baton


Stephen Marley recently posted his Miami -Dade property as bail for friend and reggae singer Buju Banton.  To secure his release bail was set at $250,000 in equity, as well as strict security measures.  Buju Banton has been in jail since December 10, 2009 for alleged drug charges.  Many feel the reggae singer  was set up and the ordeal was entrapment.

"Mr Mark Myrie (Buju Banton) hereby notifies the Court that Stephen Marley, well-known entertainer and son of Bob Marley, and his wife Kertia DeCosta Marley, are willing to substitute as the signatory for the bond in lieu of Mr Chavalier. His property is located in Miami-Dade county and has an approximate equity of $350,000. As evidence, Mr Myrie will provide the Court with a recent appraisal of the residence, a title search, a copy of deed and mortgages, outstanding mortgage balances, and affidavits from Mr Marley and his wife," court documents filed by Banton's lawyer David Markus stated.

“Marc Seitles, one of Banton’s lawyers, said the artiste was looking forward to going home. “I met with Buju after the hearing and he was very positive and looking forward to sleeping in his own bed in Tamarac, Florida,” Seitles told the Observer. “We are extremely pleased that bond was granted…,” Markus said. “It was the right decision because Buju isn’t a risk of flight or a danger to the community.” (Jamaica Observer)
Friendship runs deep and Buju has strong friends.  The singer has been a strong voice in reggae music and although facing life in prison has remained positive throughout the ordeal.  Recently a jury deadlocked in the matter and there was a mistrial.  Stephen Marley also testified on behalf of Buju in that trial as a character witness who has known Buju for almost 20 years.  Another trial was scheduled for December 6, 2010 for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.  Buju is also facing deportation as his Visa was revoked at the time of his arrest.  For now, if the bail is secured he will be able to return to his Tamarac, Florida home under strict house arrest.

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