Oct 10, 2010

Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign


Below please find a letter which we would encourage all Buju Banton fans to print out, sign and send to Attorney General Eric Holder so that the Government is aware that the public is continuing to monitor this case closely. Buju appreciates your support! We aim to have at least 15,000 letters sent to Mr. Holder's office before Buju's bail decision next week. Please send the letter and encourage others to send the letter today! 
Thank you for your much needed participation!

Attorney General Eric H. Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Attorney General Holder:

I am writing to ask for your intervention with respect to a grave injustice against Grammy-nominated reggae music icon Buju Banton (legal name Mark Anthony Myrie). The incarceration of this legendary musician without bail is unconscionable. He has been incarcerated in the Pinellas County Jail in Clearwater, Florida since January 2010 while he awaited his trial for drug conspiracy charges in the Middle District of Florida for which he has pleaded not guilty.  The charges are a result of information provided by a professional informant who relentlessly pursued Mr. Myrie for six months to participate in a drug deal. The trial held in September resulted in a hung jury.

In our great system of justice the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, persons accused of crime are entitled to bail. Mr. Myrie meets all of the requirements for bail, yet it has not been granted.

The professional informant in Mr. Myrie's case is a convicted drug trafficker from Colombia. This convicted felon has been granted legal immigration status and to date has earned over three million American dollars (tax free) for serving as an informant to various U.S. government agencies. Taxpayer dollars certainly could be spent more effectively than on trying to entrap individuals who have no previous criminal record and have never been involved with drugs in any manner. Is the Federal government presently in the business of creating criminals?

Mr. Myrie, a.k.a. Buju Banton, produces uplifting, positive music comparable to the music of Bob Marley. His work inspires people worldwide. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award, the highest achievement in his field, four times since 1999. He is one of the leading voices of his generation, shedding light on such issues as the unrelenting violence and abject poverty pervasive in the Third World. He has also represented his country in performances at the Summer Olympics in Greece in 2004 and at the Cricket World Cup Opening in 2007. Buju commemorated Jamaica's support for President Obama collaborating with Dave Stewart on "American Prayer," a tribute to the President. Additionally, Buju is a family man, an employer and a generous philanthropist.

Given Buju Banton's exemplary reputation, his humanitarian efforts and his cultural contributions to society, he should not be languishing in jail at U.S. taxpayers’ expense. I urge you to do whatever possible to end this injustice.


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