Sep 29, 2010

Column: Set Buju Free

Set Buju free
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Editor,
Now that the smoke has cleared and there is a hung jury, Mark Myrie, otherwise known as Buju Banton, by the grace of God must be declared a free man.

On September 27, 2010 a 12-member jury came back after three days of deliberation undecided, kudos to the defence team.

The United States of America has tried to maintain a transparent justice system where a man is innocent until proven guilty, and even though there are flaws, their system works. In America they understand the premise that justice and power must be brought together, so whatever is just may become powerful, and whatever is powerful may become just.

There is a lot to be learned from this case where a man who came from the inner city used Reggae music to touch the world. We are thankful for the mistrial. In Buju's time of dire need the world will be there to encourage him and touch his life also.
Buju Banton is a Reggae icon and the world has taken notice. Whoever is behind this train-wrecked entrapment scheme is losing this battle. He is becoming a symbol of perseverance.

Buju should be exonerated with apology. The plans for his demise will not end now. The powers that be must want something so valuable from this young star that they have not received yet. This is a blatant attack on Reggae music, our culture and our rights as Jamaicans.

The prosecution has failed, beyond a shadow of doubt, to prove its case. So many paid informants to entrap this one man. As we say in Jamaica "A wha suh?".

In all the evidence presented by the prosecutor Buju (a) never paid a dime for anything, (b) never agreed to buy anything, (c) was unaware cocaine would be at the warehouse, (d) after seeing the cocaine ended all contact with the informant, and this list could go on and on.

Although no proof of him being a drug dealer was presented, they still want to take away his life. It won't happen, there is a God. Whatever we do in life we answer to God, not man.

This man must be free to continue inspiring and enlightening his people. Silence is what they wish to gain, but Buju is a lion in this here jungle we all call earth.

He is an artiste who has, for over 20 years, been a positive influence and role model to many young people all over the world. Mr Myrie made many hits in his career and was nominated four times for Grammys.

At the impressionable age of 17 he made a song that, it was evident, he or his management team did not think would have such a negative effect in the international arena. This song, Boom Bye Bye, was just an expression of his cultural context which is still endorsed by Jamaicans and their leaders.

The homosexuality issue is just a front for their ulterior motive. Buju is now 37 years old with children who depend on him and he is much more conscious and wise.

The music he has produced since this unfortunate song is simply spiritual and enlightening, demonstrating that he has matured into an intellectually stimulating musician who will eventually take his place with artistes like Big Youth, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown.

Tanasha Buchanan

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