Sep 28, 2010

Lawyer applies for bail - Assures court artiste not a flight risk

BUJU LATEST: Lawyer applies for bail
Assures court artiste not a flight risk

TAMPA, Florida — Buju Banton's lawyer David Markus has a filed motion in the Sam M Gibbons federal court this morning asking that his client be granted bail.

Markus said in court documents that his client was not a flight risk, that he he was not a threat to the community and pointed out that the government's case against the artiste was weak and will not get any better.

He also pointed out that the only reason Banton was not previously granted bail by a magistrate was that his entertainment visa was revoked by immigration authorities at his arrest in December last year.

He said that if Banton, real name Mark Myrie, is granted bail, he would also seek bond in the immigration court to prevent the artiste's deportation to Jamaica.

"Accordingly, Mr Myrie respectfully requests that a bond be issued forthwith," said the court document.

Should Banton be offered bail, he faces detention by immigration officials who would seek to have him deported to Jamaica as his entertainment visa was revoked when he was arrested at his Florida home on December 10, 2009 and charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute five kilograms of cocaine and possession of a firearm during the furtherance of a crime.

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