Sep 28, 2010

Drums beat for Buju Banton - Vigil held at artiste's studio over weekend

Drums beat for Buju Banton
Vigil held at artiste's studio over weekend 

Jamaica Observer
Monday, September 27, 2010

ELDER Rastafarians gathered at Buju Banton's Carlisle Avenue Gargamel Studios and chanted nyahbingi all night Saturday and Sunday. The drums — the kette, funde, and bass — pounded all night as the Rastafarians chanted for Buju's freedom.

Banton is awaiting a verdict in his drug-related case in Florida.

"Black liberation day. Oh what a great day this will be when I and I are free," the Rastafarians chanted in unison.

Several artistes, supporters and well-wishers also gathered at the studio to show their solidarity with the artiste and participate in the two-night vigil.

"When Rastaman beat drums, babylon quake and the beat of the drum shook Rome," an elder Rastafarian said.

One Rastafarian travelled several miles from the hills of deep rural St Andrew to show his support for the artiste.

"A months me no come inna the city. I man live inna the hills far from babylon and them corruption but I man haffi come a Buju come send up two chant fi the King cause babylon must free up the man," the elder Rastafarian said.

The Gargamel Studios is situated in the middle-class neighbourhood of Whitehall Gardens and although many of its residents are working-class, there were few complaints about the constant pounding of the drums.

"Yes, it is a bit incessant, but we too want Buju to be freed and if the Rastas chanting is any help, let them chant for the man. He is very likeable person and a good neighbour," one woman who gave her name as 'Sandie' said.

The panel of jurors will resume deliberations this morning at the US Gibbons court in Tampa, Florida.

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